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    Default EXCLUSIVE: Van Lente Raises "Resurrectionists" at Dark Horse

    Van Lente's creator-owned title is a crime heist covering ancient Egypt to today, as reincarnated criminals attempt a heist 3000 years in the making.

    Full article here.

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    This sounds really fun and original. I love the story idea behind it and the art looks to be pretty good. Despite all the creator owned books I'm getting from Image, I'm always looking for more cool books, especially from other publishers. It really pleases me to see Dark Horse and IDW embracing lately the creator owned idea. So many great story ideas that writers are coming up with today. I love it!

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    Just from this, I think I may give it a try. Sounds Interesting and the art isn't bad at all.

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    Yes...two of my favorite things....Egyptian and Comics....I am sold! this looks great!
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