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    Fair enough!

    I'll keep asking around...
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    Quote Originally Posted by grahamgg View Post
    SHIELD got an omnibus in 2015 ... I always assumed that was because of the TV show?

    Marvel's Omnibus releases are always so sketchy to figure out. I think it's fun to look at the crazy out-of-left-field omnibus books we've gotten over the years and wonder what the next upcoming oddball will be. The first I remember being a real what were they thinking announcement was Secret Wars II. Of course that was a partial tie-in to the toy line that was out around that time (at least I think it was anyways...). Over the years we've had many strange ones, not all in a bad way. MOKFU was out of left field, as was Tomb of Dracula when it came out.

    At the top of the weird list we have Muppet Babies and the Muppets Omnibus books, the Ultimate Marvel Omnibus (which repackaged the first few arcs of each series), Marvel 1990s, and Marvel 75th anniversary which was kind of cool if you think of it as a greatest hits book. Even GOTG Classic Solo Omnibus was strange material to put in one book. No way in heck would I have picked it up at cover price, or ever thought all that scattered earlier material would have been collected. AT clearance prices around $30 bucks, it was a good deal. And let us never forget the Ewoks/Droids Star Comics Omnibus, granted DH released that as well.
    I would definitely put Marvels Firsts the 90's, Marvel Now and Women of Marvel Omni's as the stupidest releases ever. Who would want a bunch of 1st issues collected together? Probably why at one point or another you could have had them for around $20 new.

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    Still no Peter Porker Omnibus...

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    I'd get the Spectacular Spider-ham. They prolly base a lot of this on stats and don't think it through... I mean issue ones always out sell everything else! Next thing they'll do the issue three guest appearances omnibus!!!

    Thanks for all that info! There's so much I'll just keep an eye on the secondary while I stayed tuned on available releases.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TomSlick View Post
    I read both these runs about 10 years ago and enjoyed them both at the time. I re-read them each about a year ago and quite frankly couldn't finish the Avengers. There were some great moments, don't get me wrong, but I don't know. I just didn't get into it like I did previously. I think part of it was that it was very, very wordy and the other part . . . I can't stand Wonderman. Just never could get into the character.

    Now . . . Iron Man. I still really, really enjoyed it.
    I've read the first chunky trade of his Avengers like 5 years ago and enjoyed it quite a bit (although not as much as I thought I would) but when I've reread it in the omnibus it just didn't click. Also I think the colouring made it look like a modern book but it was intended to be a silver/bronze age call back and it didn't really work for me.
    I have no problems with Wonder man tho I enjoyed him in WCA and that's probably my main exposure to him.

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