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    Quote Originally Posted by Captain Craig View Post
    Captain America by Waid however, I had hoped would do 1K at least
    Isn't this material already coming out as Epic?

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    Is the Planet Hulk Omnibus in danger of going out of print already?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Peter Parker View Post
    Isn't this material already coming out as Epic?
    Waid/Garney closed out the original Vol 1 Cap series in 1995-96 with issues #444-454. Then Liefeld, Jim Lee and the Image guys handled the Heroes Reborn Cap vol 2 series. For the Heroes Return relaunch in 1997-98 Waid/Garney were back with Captain America vol 3. Basically Marvel was like, "yeah we should never have kicked you off the book for Liefeld. Here, give it another shot. Sorry!". Garney penciled the first five issues of the vol. 3 relaunch. Then Andy Kubert came on board and penciled the series for the remainder of Waid's run (plus a few issues with Dan Jurgens post-Waid, IIRC). In summer 1998 Marvel also released a second monthly Cap series, Sentinel of Liberty, which ran for 12 issues. Waid wrote most of series and Garney did pencils for the first six issues.

    The recent Captain America: Man Without a Country Epic Collection collects the final stories from Cap vol. 1. So yes some of their material is included in the recent Epic TPB but definitely not all.

    Quote Originally Posted by copywrite View Post
    Is the Planet Hulk Omnibus in danger of going out of print already?
    Possibly ... I posted about this a few weeks ago. IST is out of stock, and CGN raised their price to $80. I've also noticed prices slowly creeping up on eBay.

    On a related topic, discounts at all the usual places on the recent Simonson Thor Omnibus reprint have dwindled, it's now a $70+ book at least; when just a few weeks ago it could be bought for ~50% off. Similar situation seen on the Cap Omnibus by Waid/Garney/Kubert. No super discounts on that one online. The cheapest I can find it for is $75. Might want to keep a watch on those.

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