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    I hate how dc screwed up the deluxes for JLA I wish they would just do a omnibus from 1-the end of morrisons run and with the fillers
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    Yeah they did...the collection for that series is a mess.

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    ^ What did they do to it, exactly? I've considered picking up those 4 or 5 trades, but am sort of holding out for an omnibus.

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    Sorry for the double-post.

    Quote Originally Posted by teej View Post
    The Brightest Day omnibus is it's own story that gets its start from Johns' run on Green Lantern but isn't necessary for reading his run on GL. The main characters from the GL title hardly show up in it at all.

    But if you wanted to read it along with the GL by Johns omni it would take place right after Vol 2 and the story would occur during the same time as the beginning of the eventual Vol 3.
    Quote Originally Posted by Thesanmich View Post
    I think Brightest Day picks up right after Blackest Night and it's tie-in issues if I'm not mistaken..
    Is BD a good standalone read without the GL/GLC issues?
    Do you guys think we'll ever get a GLC omnibus? I'm a bit doubtful because doing so will probably involve repeat printings of the major events and GL issues...unless the book is advertised as a GL omnibus companion.
    I see, thanks.

    That's a lot of Green Lantern coming up, not sure how into it I am. I loved the beginning of Johns time on the title, but I dropped out before all the multi-coloured Corps. and seemingly endless events (SW, BN, BD, WoGL's) started. I'll definitely get the first Omni and pre-order the second, but I'll see how I feel about it all on a book by book basis.

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    Quote Originally Posted by titansupes View Post
    ^ What did they do to it, exactly? I've considered picking up those 4 or 5 trades, but am sort of holding out for an omnibus.
    Most notably, they skipped issues in the Deluxe Editions to market them as JLA By Grant Morrison.

    The fact that the paperback reprints are complete makes them superior, imho...
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