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You should, it's good stuff!

Better yet, pre-order it now. The more pre-orders, the more likely they are to release another volume (which would complete the Millar run).
I think the second volume, Darker Genesis, has been listed for pre-order, but it has the wrong creator info. It lists Will Pfeifer as the writer, not Millar. But the page count does not jibe with the amount of ST work that Pfiefer provided (two fill-in issues with Rich Corben during the Diggle/Dysart series, and the awful Brightest Day: Search for Swamp Thing mini), and one of the alternate reality stories in Millar's third run is titled "Darker Genesis", which is set on an Earth 3 type world. I think it's just an error by DC, and this is actually the second Millar ST volume.