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    Default PREVIEW: Star Mage, #3

    Rebellion and desertion! JC De La Torre's saga of space and wizardry continues as Darien adjusts to school at Lambdu Kishpu, meets new friends and learns of the treachery of his brother Orasmas. Orasmas reveals his new, unstoppable weapon - one Darien thought was lost forever. Gorgeously illustrated by artistÂ*Franco Cespedes, issue three will have a lasting effect on the rest of the series.

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    Guess I'm one of the few who is reading this every month. It's... an okay title. It's nice that the run is only six issues, but the story feels like it should've been saved for a longer, 25-30 issue run. Lots of backstory in this issue. A lot of the story is pretty basic and formulaic. You're the lost son of the abdicated king! You're parents are dead! Oh, but your father's still alive and now he's evil -- maybe! Only you can save the Universe!

    The art is pretty simple. Not a lot goes on in the backgrounds, and the balloon placements are sometimes confusing as to the order of the speakers talking. And there's a couple of grammatical errors in every book, either missing commas or missing periods at the end of some sentences.

    Anything with an outer space angel appeals to me. I will stick through to the end because it's only six issues long, but I wish this was given a better treatment. The pacing feels a bit rushed. In this issue Darien basically completes his training all in on issue. I hope that in the last three issues we get some nice battle sequences. If this eventually leads to another run or two I don't know yet if I'd read those. I'd have to see at the end of the run.

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