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    Does anyone has an opinion about the Kurds/Kurdistan situation with Iran/Irak ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mojotastic View Post
    Does anyone has an opinion about the Kurds/Kurdistan situation with Iran/Irak ?
    Isn't it probably a "they need to compromise" situation?
    In forcing the referendum [on Kurdish independence], Barzani sought to rally Kurds around the flag – hoping to deflect attention away from the financial crisis in Kurdistan, accusations of corruption and criticism of his staying on as president beyond his legal term.

    But Kurdish over-reach has been met by a strong response from Iraq’s prime minister, Haider al-Abadi. He deployed federal forces to push the peshmerga out of Kirkuk. An Arab has been appointed by Baghdad as the acting governor. And Arabs and Turkmen are celebrating their victory.

    Long-term stability in Kirkuk, however, requires a political settlement. Now, more than ever, there is a need to negotiate the future of the disputed territories. It is time to revisit the idea of a special status for Kirkuk, with power-sharing between the different communities. The future of Kirkuk should be determined by politics and compromise – not by force.

    ISIS is messing with Kirkuk, so that's an issue too, and apparently the US opined on that: "The US and its coalition partners had warned Kurdistan’s President Masoud Barzani against holding the [independence] referendum, saying that pursuing independence would undermine the war Iraq was still fighting against [ISIS]. Washington has stressed it would like its allies in Iraq to work together against the militant group"
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    Thank you America for voting for change.

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    considering that part of the world have been going at each other for the past 200 + years, Im not sure what the solution is
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    Quote Originally Posted by JBatmanFan05 View Post
    Exactly, we need to get in on this: **brainstorming**..... The Worst Shadow Party in History: Understanding The Nazi American Left's All Out War Destroying America and Trump With The Big Lie: Progressivism and Fake Science

    by ZombieHavoc

    I'd buy that one....especially since I wrote it!

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