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    How the hell can the Republicans not get something done on this? They have majorities in both the Senate and Congress, and they have the White House. There is literally no one else to blame on this.
    Republicans love to claim to be great at Governing but are terrible at it.
    The GOP literally runs the majority of the country, and all they know how to do is hurt, people.

    Yet these morons are lauded as great moderates and Bipartisans Because Democrat.
    Yet they consistently vote against us, with the excuse, I vote with my constituents (Donors) in mind.

    Joe Donnelly
    Heidi Heitkamp
    Joe Manchin (Paula Jean Sweregin to the Rescue...)
    Claire McCaskill

    Doug Jones is becoming a bigger disappointment than I thought. Yes, I get that he was in a "tough" spot to vote for military money. Why are Weak Democrats always bowing to the military?
    But but he voted for CHIP. That's a bald-faced lie. Vote for Ransom and short-term gain for what?
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