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    That's pretty much the only thing that could get me watching another blade flick

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    Quote Originally Posted by Holt View Post
    The Next Blade Film Will Be Based On Marvelís New Female Blade
    Bleeding Cool has previously reported that the newly to-be-relaunched Blade comic featuring the daughter of Blade, has been delayed.

    I understand from well-connected sources that this is due to careful concern from up above the food chain, that the character and the comic are suddenly considered extremely important by the bean counters, and the multi-media folk.

    Because the plan is that this new Blade will be the one that features in the next Blade movie.

    The first successful movie based on a Marvel comic book, Wesley Snipesí Blade was an unexpected hit, spawned two sequels and resurrected and remade the vampire hunting daywalker character within the Marvel Universe.

    There has been much talk of new Blade films, given the more recent success of many more Marvel movies, and that the rights had returned to Marvel. And Wesley Snipes has been in talk about returning to the character with Marvel.

    Could it be as a more fatherly figure?
    hmmm.....initially I straight hate this idea. But I'll wait to see how it goes.

    Would much rather have a Blade film STARING BLADE. But I can see how the whole vampire thing could grab a larger market share if it was catered to the female demographic. They still hold the most investment in that sorta genre currently.

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