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    Quote Originally Posted by Spear of Bashenga View Post
    That asker is an asshole. Straight-up, a racist, misogynistic asshole. "Why couldn't she be white?" Because then the Muslim experience in the US couldn't be explored, and certain stories couldn't be told. "Not as hot?" Why does that even matter? Do you judge female characters based solely on their appearance? Do you judge real women based solely on their appearance, too?

    What a dickbag.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tiamatty View Post
    You don't actually read the book, do you? Because so far, this actually hasn't added another layer. So far, it's had nothing at all to do with the Ghost Rider continuity. Eli, the spirit empowering Robbie, doesn't even know about the Ghost Rider. While there's still some mystery to Eli that will need to be explored, the indications so far are that the Robbie Ghost Rider is entirely unconnected to the previous Ghost Riders, and is just some spirit wanting to burn shit down.

    As for "fixing the continuity"? To be blunt, there's not many people who actually give a shit about the Ghost Rider continuity. The Ghost Rider series was big in the '90s, but the concept is one that hasn't kept much interest. A series designed to "fix the continuity" is, of necessity, going to be mired in the continuity. It's going to be something aimed specifically and exclusively at long-time Ghost Rider fans who care enough about the character to want to explore the minutiae of 20-year-old (and older) stories. A series designed to pander to a small number of readers is one that's designed to fail. So to hell with any continuity snarls with the Ghost Rider. Forget them and move on and do something that's going to appeal to more than a handful of readers.

    The current series is one that's actually designed to appeal to more readers. It has great writing, compelling characters, a well-handled concept, great kinetic art. If you refuse to read it because it's not hung up on shit no one else gives a damn about, then that's your problem. For my part, this is the first time I have ever given a damn about the Ghost Rider concept, and I appreciate that it's a comic that's promoting diversity, and it's one of a relatively small number of titles that also shows poverty (the other notable one being Nova, which also has a Latino lead, and which also has gotten an absolutely insane amount of backlash from obsessive fans of the previous white version of the character - interesting that Latino versions of characters seem to get so much hate; I'm betting that if the new Ghost Rider or the new Nova were white, there'd be a lot less pushback).
    Then why call it ghost rider if it has nothing to do with previous ghostriders? Nobody gives a shit about this ghost rider hence why it will be cancelled in three months and Robbie will end up like Ol girl. It's gotten backlash because it F**kin' sucks. Like I said I don't give a crap that the lead is latino, if there was a new white host I'd say the same shit. Just like I was pissed when ketch got passed over for blaze for some reason.

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    The new Ghost Rider series has actually gotten quite a bit of positive reviews. It has its detractors, but also its advocates.
    "It's not whether you win or lose, it's whether I win or lose." - Peter David, on life

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    The new Ghost Rider series is overrated by the very few who read it. I've tried to enjoy it and I just can't. It simply couldn't have lasted very long with yet another new host, minority or not. Him being called Ghost Rider isn't enough of a hook for new readers, and deviating from the established mythos made it unappealing for Ghost Rider fans. Essentially, it shot itself in the foot from the start. Personally, I can't say we even got a good story out of it. The origin was bland, it lacked an interesting supporting cast and it used too many cliches in order to try to make you feel sorry for an otherwise selfish/irresponsible lead character.

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    Quote Originally Posted by aja_christopher View Post
    The current run on Marvel -- especially after the recent infusion of "minority" led books -- is a better reflection of the current state of the American population than we had in the past, but it's still not there yet.

    Underrepresented right now are mostly Latinos, Asians and LGBT characters

    And there's still the issue of importance to the story -- the last nonwhite character I remember having a serious and prominent role in an event (X-Men wise) is Bishop back in Age of Apolocalypse... and look where he is now.

    Well here is another stat that I discovered. As far I can tell Falcon is about to step in some very select company. How many times has a minority headline more than one book.

    Meaning a solo book and a team book (regularly appearing).

    Falcon will do it next month.

    Storm is doing it now and might be doing 3 titles. I'm not up to date on the X-Cult and the various Avengers team books.

    Miles Morales is doing now.

    I am not reading Nova-so if he is a minority count him as probably 1 of the 2 nonblack ones. I want to count Jubliee despite her ongoing was cut to a mini. I think she should count.

    Before them-
    Black Panther-his book and you can debate his and Storm's stint in Fantastic Four

    The MIA Bishop-was he in the X-Men when his solo came out?

    I want to say War Machine but I'm not sure if he was in a team book when his first solo came out.

    Night Thrasher

    Black Panther might have been the first but I'm not sure due to his stints on Avengers and you could say the same for James Rhodes when he took over for Tony.

    9 people of color to headline more than 1 book.

    And for you DC fans-for Dc OWNED properties-Jaime Reyes & Vibe (most recent). While the first guy under the Dc logo was someone named Virgil O. Hawkins. 21 years ago.

    And how is it pandering when in reality you have only 7 (well 9 if you counted Iron Patriot & Nova) that feature a minority in the lead role?

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