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    Default Lees & Laurie Explore Scottish Horror in "And Then Emily Was Gone"

    Creators John Lees and Iain Laurie explore the haunted isles of Scotland in their supernatural thriller "And Then Emily Was Gone."

    Full article here.

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    Oh wow this is going to be in colour too?! I thought it was black & white! That's awesome, the covers to this looked promising so I've got the first two pre-ordered. Looking forward to these coming out!
    September 2014 favourite: Night of the Living Vidiots. Collection of shorts I picked up on a whim. Cynical, humourous stories, with rather blunt social commentary that feels somewhat similar to Adventure Time, but with swearing. Humanity having mech vs. kaiju battles with nature itself, a zombie apocalypse of mindless consumers with TVs for faces, & underage drinking are amongst the attractions here. (By Andy Ristaino; self-published, looks like it was Kickstarted, his site is called Skronked)

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