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Scott Lang in the movie is present as heroic and the reason he wants to proceed with his mission is for his child. He and Hank even express that they don't want their children living in a world with ant sized soldiers wrecking havoc everywhere.
To be fair, Scott Lang is set up as an irresponsible parent from the start. The movie begins with him ending a prison sentence for burglary. He falls back into that same lifestyle pretty quickly in an attempt to provide for his daughter, which of course leads to him becoming Ant-Man. He was always prone to doing things that a caring parent probably shouldn't do, despite his intentions. Transitioning from a master thief to a superhero may not make him any more responsible as a parent, but it's still a positive change IMO. He's a flawed character, and that's totally fine. It's more interesting than a squeaky clean boy scout.

Meanwhile, Peter's entire motivation for doing what he does is, "With great power comes great responsibility." So if you consider superheroics while having a child to be irresponsible, that would be a little contradictory.

For what it's worth, Renew Your Vows is actually making me want to see a married Peter/MJ as parents become the established canon. If Miles is taking over as our one young Spider-Man, then I don't see a problem with them writing an adult Peter that's a little more tied down. There's enough variety between the characters to collectively hit all the right notes.

But if MJ is going to show up somewhere unexpected post-Secret Wars, I assume that can only mean it'll be outside of Amazing Spider-Man? So I shouldn't expect to see them tying the knot anytime soon. If ever.