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    Default "Agent Carter" Writer Joins Simone Bianchi for "Amazing Spider-Man" Story

    Writer Jose Molina and artist Simone Bianchi bring back the Santerians in a new story starting with November's "Amazing Spider-Man" #1.1.

    Full article here.

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    This could be a fun story. Obviously we will have to wait for the actual issue to really judge it, but it's sounding fine. - In-Depth perspectives from a NutJob Spider-Fan.
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    Ugh. Not Bianchi.

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    I've always thought the Sanaterians had potential (bit surprised no one brought them back while Quesada was EIC) and this is a good creative team for a mini.

    I'm a bit concerned about what it means for the ASM schedule. I think the last relaunch would have been better received if it weren't a monthly, since that meant the set-up of the new status quo was kinda slow.
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    And suddenly Marvel releases an Amazing Spider-Man story I'm interested in reading.
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