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    Default PREVIEW: Sex Criminals #6

    TIME MAGAZINE'S COMIC OF THE YEAR RETURNS WITH ITS SECOND STORYLINE! After their narrow getaway from the Sex Police, Jon and Suzie are learning that this is "just the tip" of a massive iceberg. And what happens after the rush of a new relationship fades? Are they in love, lust, like, or just lame? Sexy fun times returns: We missed you so much, brimpers.

    Full preview here.

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    i really liked this book when it first started. especially that whole bar scene with the Queen song censored out in issue 3. but, since then? my enthusiasm has dwindled. i kept putting off reading issue 5. i eventually read it, though. it was...ok.

    not sure if it's the book, or me. probably me. see where issue 6 goes.

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    This is one of the most twisted comics I've read in a long time and I love it. It's not on the same level as a comic like Saga, but it has this unique entertainment value and lovability that I cannot deny. The humor is pretty juvenile, but that's part of the charm. Not sure where the story is going, but it is entertaining and that's the most we can ask for of comics in this day and age of endless dystopian futures.
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    The fifth one was kind of lost on me, it really felt like they were expecting it to end at #5 and then quickly backpedalled to stretch out the story and set up some new stuff. That being said, I'm still excited to see where they're headed next! Heck, I'd buy this just for the letters column every month.

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