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    Default REVIEW: Red City, #1

    In Daniel Corey and Mark Dos Santos' "Red City" #1, former Mars PD and ex-conman Cal Talmage is the only man for the job in an effort to find the Mercurian ambassador's daughter and stop certain war.

    Full review here.

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    Sadly enough, I have to agree with the review: I was very disappointed in this first issue-- just too many things out of whack with reality, from citizens (mostly bipedal) living on, not the moons of (which could've come closer to making sense) but ON the outer planets, Jupiter, Saturn, and apparently doing well on inner worlds of much less gravity, etc; social structures much like 20th/21st century Earth to seemingly instantaneous transportation between worlds. Agreement with review concerning stiffness and unlikeability of lead character(s).
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    I gotta agree, I was very disappointed. There's hardly a single page that doesn't try to cram in exposition,and it just leads to information overload. I barely processed it and it just got incredibly tedious to read. I feel like the main character is trying to be cool, but just comes off as incredibly bland. How bland . I literally cannot remember even part of his name. Sorry, but definitely dropping.
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