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    It would have made the most sense for Martin to grab Albert Einstein and Mileva Maric. But I guess having interfered with their timeline once, it would be too risky to cross paths with them again.

    A little late but I found the perfect video/song to go with this episode.

    That's right, that's right, I'm sad and blue
    'Cause I can't do the boogaloo
    I'm lost, I'm lost, can't do my thing
    That's why I sing "Gimme, gimme dat ding!"

    --The Pipkins (another Tony Burrows one hit wonder)

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    Quote Originally Posted by 90'sCartoonMan View Post
    I can't figure out if I like the actor playing Mick's father or not. The resemblance is definitely there, but considering the subject matter and the fact that Mick is, generally, the comedy relief, I was thinking they'd need to be a bit more serious with him.
    His voice was kind of distracting but it also sounded like Mick's voice, so I kind of just accepted it as something Mick inherited from his dad.

    Hm, so the fact that they met Mick's father and Stein's ancestor isn't a coincidence, it's a plot point. I like that! Also loved seeing Grodd and the fact that he'll play a larger role this season.
    Not to mention Ray's mom.

    They definitely teased the Amaya-with-gorilla powers vs. Grodd battle, but I think the point of Amaya's arc in this episode was to accept Kuasa as family and figure out a way to reach her. So, no gorilla brawl...not yet.
    Amaya is probably the one Legend with the best chance of going toe-to-toe with Grodd, though we also don't have much basis for exactly how strong Atom and Steel are supposed to be since they rarely fight people outside their weight-class.

    Given the ARGUS references, I think this is supposed to be current Grodd. And that way, after he's done with this story, he can make an appearance on the Flash and move right on without confusing his timeline.
    I wonder if Barry's even been notified that Grodd's escaped custody? Does Argus even have a clue how he escaped ?

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