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    Quote Originally Posted by MoneySpider View Post
    I knew what the context was
    Yet you didn't mention it, which could be seen as being intentionally disingenuous, hence me saying that's not fair. Your point could have still been made about black men and black women being at odds on the CW without having that omission.

    but overall for me we are still given the visual/idea that a black man is trashing a black woman, which is something done in tons of other TV shows/movies because very rarely on screen do we see black men and black women getting along. We know what Wally's reasoning wass, but the visuals and impact of his comment against this black woman are still there.
    Only if Wally knew beforehand that Nate was dating a black woman. Apparently he did not, so no, those two do not go together.

    I think the writers could have handled that scene much better than they did.
    Seems they handled it just fine. It was played for laughs namely Wally putting his foot in his mouth and, well, again, context

    And unless I missed it, not even Nate called Amaya out of her name, not to her or to anyone else, and he was the one who was hurt. If a guy is in the dumps cause his girlfriend dumps him yes maybe his friends will call her all types of names. And vice versa if its a woman who was dumped and her friends calls the now ex a jerk, etc. Its a friend showing loyality to another friend who was dumped.

    Since you skipped over the rest of what I said, you don't care that Jax and now apparently Wally won't get a love interest, just that black women aren't called out their name regardless of context? Just curious.

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    Pleased to hear to two favorite hymns perform "Onward Christian Soldiers" and "Amazing Grace".
    I thought the ghostly effects were well done.
    So, how about a GENTLEMAN GHOST story?
    In the present day the Ghost is fighting Hawkman, Hawkgirl, White Canary, Atom, and Constantine in St. Roch.
    Other team members travel to the past, 1750's and witness how Jim Craddock turn into the Ghost.

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    I really doubt they will bring the Hawks back, for any reason at this point.

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