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    Default MAYO REPORT: "Walking Dead" Rises, DC Holds the $2.99 Line

    John Mayo returns with a look at DC Comics quietly holding the line at $2.99 - for the most pert - and the rise of "Walking Dead" into a Top Ten title.

    Full article here.

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    Thanks for posting this report.

    I applaud DC for holding the $2.99 line. That's partly why I'm giving Grayson a trial run. If I had interest in other DC characters, I'd certainly be reading more.

    I wish Marvel would have kept most of their books at $2.99. I'd be reading more and trying different characters more frequently if they did.
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    Good for DC for holding on to the $2.99 price point. This has allowed me to test a few series, especially the weekly titles. Image should be noted too for keeping their prices down. While Marvel does bundle a digital copy with most of their issues, $3.99 seems prohibitively high for my budget to sample, read double-shipped titles or go all in on events. Currently Valiant gets a very short leash. If it doesn't pop on that first issue, then issue 2 is out of the question.
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    Thank you Image and DC!
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