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    Default SENYC: Reimagining the Female Hero

    An assemblage of comic book pros gathered at Special Edition NYC to address the current state of the female superhero.

    Full article here.

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    It's nice to see that sexuality and sex appeal aren't vilified like usual in the article, and somebody even says that the clothes don't matter and ultimately endorses Red Sonja's battle bikini. Which I think is a good thing.

    To me this stuff is a non-issue, as somebody who grew up watching Buffy and Xena, and reading Rumiko Takahashi manga. Though I know unfortunately there are still issues, for example we still don't have a female superhero movie in the current movie boom, though apparently a Wonder Woman one is coming. And of course, what the issues are in the first place is very subjective and always up for debate.

    I'm all about equality and hope we really see it someday. To play devil's advocate and to be a noodge, I have to admit the bit "any variant and all the covers are done by female artists" is a bit odd to tout. I know we're supposed to applaud that, but if we had equality, wouldn't that be the same as applauding a comic for having only male cover artists? I know we have way more male art staff on US comics so having more female artists is good for diversity, but specifically mentioning the exclusion of male artists from something shouldn't really be a positive thing I think. It's not like men are less qualified artists to draw women, any more so than a female artist would be unqualified to draw men. They did also mention how men and women draw breasts differently etc, but that's also not really true across the board.

    I guess my point, and it's all good just sayin' here, if we're celebrating diversity and equality, some of this article doesn't seem to fit with that. I know say defending male artists in a male dominated field could seem odd, but I think there's some merit to bringing it up. Hope we do keep seeing more female writers and artists, though to me more importantly, I hope the best writers and artists get assigned regardless of gender.
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    "Why haven't we had a Canadian superhero...?"

    Maybe that was taken out of context, but.... have you not heard of WOLVERINE???

    Representation is great and all, but any reader should be able to identify with ANY character, without regard to their race, sexual orientation, age, religious affiliation or gender designation. Isn't that a worthwhile goal too?

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    I think female heroes have been undergoing a transformation in recent years. With Wonder Woman, Captain Marvel, and Kamala Khan gaining prominence, as well as Black Widow in the movies, it seems they're getting some overdue refinement. They're not quite as sexualized as they used to be, the case with Starfire notwithstanding. Their uniforms aren't quite as provocative as they used to be either, especially with costumes such as Captain Marvel. There's still room for more refinements, but I think female heroes are always going to be sexualized on some levels. It's unavoidable so long as the majority of comic book readers are young men. And like it or not, young men are going to seek the imagery of pretty girls. That's just nature.
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