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    Default SENYC: Busiek & Allred on Creator-Owned Vs. Corporate Comics

    Comic book legends Kurt Busiek and Michael Allred discuss the ins and outs of working in these two distinct publishing worlds.

    Full article here.

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    I am a fan of certain characters, but hold no DC/Marvel/Indie/Other loyalty. Still, there are certain creators to whom I do feel some. If I hear, for instance, that John Byrne is involved, I will at least check it out, and likely purchase it. Yet one with my means cannot purchase everything. It seems as if there are two dozen "Number Ones" published every week. I avoided most of Marvel's recent slew of these. However, I made an exception with Silver Surfer . . . partly due to my like of the character, but mainly due to Mike Allred's involvement. I picked up #3 today, for the same reasons. Thanks, Mike, and keep up the enjoyable and distinctive work.

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