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    Default PREVIEW: The Illegitimates, #6

    The climax of the Illegitimates first adventure is here! As the team faces evil on two fronts, not to mention the heart-breaking betrayal at the hands of a loved one, can this team of newbies save the world and their mothers? Or will they be faced with making a devastating choice that will end them before they get a chance to begin? All this, and a zombie horde? What are you waiting for?!

    Full article here.

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    U wud lyk 2 knw dat wnt u? Hehehe!


    Isnt dis a strait rip-off of DYNAMO-5?

    Caucasian neo-colonial sex fantasy abt sleeping around with multiple women & endows all his "illegtimate" kids with supapwrs....really?!?

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