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    Default The Mission: Civil War Between a Rebirth of Hope and the Future of Superheroes

    Joseph Illidge looks at Marvel and DC Comics' July comic book releases and considers creators working outside the Big 2.

    Full article here.

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    Do I want diversity in the big 2? In both creators and creations? YES.

    But to me, this is a far more important issue:
    "it's generally becoming more and more difficult to be a weekly purchaser of monthly superhero comics from the two major publishers. Every relaunch reduces the company's inertia, and our faith in their ability to captivate and surprise us. Every event is a time investment, a guessing game in how many books you need to buy to get the meaningful parts of the story. Every new issue of a comic book bursts out the gate with fury and promise, and you hope against hope that it will not whimper and collapse before reaching the finish line."

    To be honest, I care far more about compelling stories...each issue should do something notable, and the overall arch should make me feel something...something other than "poor", that is. I'm down to just one series now, and that is on thin ice. It is sad that I couldn't be more excited for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but could care less about the medium that got me to love these characters in the first place. It's sad that old Justice League cartoons on Netflix tell a far more compelling story than anything in DC comics or on the movie or TV screen.

    It seems to be just a rinse and repeat of number 1's, kill a character, bring him/her back in a month, get to issue 12, summer event mega story, restart with issue 1, and a new creative team. It's been this way for a long, long time. I'm burnt out.

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    I don't see this as a problem for me. I currently get 1 series from Marvel and 1 from DC though Rebirth has me looking forward to a couple more and I will be adding Thunderbolts.

    As for books I regularly get as he noted in the article, I look elsewhere.

    These other publishers currently include First Second, Action Lab, Image and Comixtribe. I also can't praise Valiant enough for putting put diverse character and excellent stories on a steady basis. They do it without having to raise the fanfare the big 2 do as they say "look we are getting with the times...finally."
    Have you pre-ordered Nova yet? I have.

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