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    Here we go again. Answers that lead to questions.

    As we surmised a way back Ananke is not just a really old god, she contains a legacy element. Presumably she sent the letter to Minerva, but even that seems odd because she could have hand delivered it. And my theory that she may have sent it to Dr Blake is also off because he is right there in the scene, disguised, so again she could have given it to him.

    How reliable is the word of Minerva? What exactly does she mean when she declares herself to be Ananke? Are we to believe Ananke was never actually a primal goddess of necessity but actually a goddess of wisdom and strategy, or was the name, and the owl all a cover?

    The 'Talking Heads' are a shock, but tie into the notion expressed by "Mimir" that the machine doesn't do anything. All along the heads were being teleported to an alter with Mesopotamian numerals.Either way Minerva is convinced that four heads equals averting the Great Darkness. This suggests that the three gods Lucifer, Tara and Inanna are not actually dead, unless they are 'repackaged recordings' to extend the record company analogy.

    Who we believed to be Woden wasn't a deity at all! Mimir is a bit of a deep cut. Even Cassie seems to struggle to associate him. He is also depicted as a disembodied head which imparts wisdom to Odin, referred to here as "The Sky King's greatest treasure", and he was beheaded in Vanaheim, where he did indeed "Walk among your foes for the sake of love" or at least peace. He has an association with the World tree when named Mímameiðr, which sends a root into Mímisbrunnr or Mimir's Well, which Odin sacrificed his eye to. We see that dagger again, possibly he is being beheaded at this point by his father. We also see a pink headless body in the room, which begs the question where is the head.

    Gillen suggests rereading in the light of revelations, and I suspect this may indeed be a good time to go back, but I seem to do that so many times with this book.

    The explanation from Persephone also gives new meaning to the pun of The Faust Act. She actually belives she made a deal with Ananke, and that the deal necessitated her family dying.
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    There is no comic out today that has me going 'WTF did I just read' like WicDiv. And of course now I have to go read it ALL again, especially the Blake bits. Love it.

    Edit: Also, belatedly occurred to me that Ananke just lives the rest of the 90 years of the cycle the hard way. That's why there's always a young one? Always Minerva-who-becomes-Ananke? It was definitely a child-size glow when she was telling the story. Sure, we saw the young one from the 20s get blown up in the first issue (we thought) but we've been misled before. I just hope we have a revelation like what happened when Laura became Persephone. "And now you know the rest of the story..."
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