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    Default SLG Publishing Seeking $85K Through Crowdfunding

    The publisher originally known as Slave Labor Graphics has launched a crowdfunding campaign to help get the company "back on its feet."

    Full article here.

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    I don't get it. Why can't he use Kickstarter? Sure, they won't do it the way SLG's doing it now--simple begging with no promise of any tangible return. But surely he could use Kickstarter to finance some books to get some cash flow again.

    If I were Vado, I'd hit up on some old (famous) talent and ask them to do some books to get SLG's name back in the mix. Take a look at Dave Sim. He's raising money by producing "archives" (portfolios) similar to what IDW is doing. Maybe some folks out there would jump in on a Milk and Cheese "archive" or something.

    I'd also approach Steve Ditko--who is still publishing comics, only through Kickstarter now--and make him a deal that would get Ditko's books back in the media and Previews. Just tell Ditko to do exactly what he wants with zero interference from SLG; give him a year deal of 12 issues--with color if necessary. Something like that would be a win-win for both. (It would have to help Ditko's sales. Prior to Kickstarter, the only way to get a new Ditko book was through a specific intermediary. As far as I can tell, Ditko was getting no least nothing better than selling comics out of the trunk of a car.) Not saying Ditko would necessarily do this, but he might. And it would give people a reason to give SLG money.

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