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    Default So Reed Richards Just Gets a Pass For His Clone of Thor Killing Goliath?

    CSBG's latest look at ignored comic book plots marvels at how Reed Richards has gotten a free pass for cloning Thor and that clone killing Goliath.

    Full article here.
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    I clicked the link and it didn't bring me to an article about this, but I do have an opinion on this.

    I say that Reed Richards gets a pass for that because he was forced to play a part in a goofy story and he had no real way to say no because he is a fictional comic book property. Just because Mark Millar and his editors at the time of Civil War thought it was a reasonable thing for Reed Richards to do, doesn't mean that I have to take it any more seriously than Thanos writing his name on the back of his own helicopter. Yes, it happened in an in-continuity comic. No, I don't have to assume that every in-continuity character take it any more seriously than I do.

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    Isn't he not on Earth right now being forced to keep the multiverse together?? Sounds like karma to me

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    How do i get to page 2 of this article? There's no obvious button or link that i can see.

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