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    Default So Reed Richards Just Gets a Pass For His Clone of Thor Killing Goliath?

    CSBG's latest look at ignored comic book plots marvels at how Reed Richards has gotten a free pass for cloning Thor and that clone killing Goliath.

    Full article here.
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    I clicked the link and it didn't bring me to an article about this, but I do have an opinion on this.

    I say that Reed Richards gets a pass for that because he was forced to play a part in a goofy story and he had no real way to say no because he is a fictional comic book property. Just because Mark Millar and his editors at the time of Civil War thought it was a reasonable thing for Reed Richards to do, doesn't mean that I have to take it any more seriously than Thanos writing his name on the back of his own helicopter. Yes, it happened in an in-continuity comic. No, I don't have to assume that every in-continuity character take it any more seriously than I do.

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    Isn't he not on Earth right now being forced to keep the multiverse together?? Sounds like karma to me

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    How do i get to page 2 of this article? There's no obvious button or link that i can see.

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    Yes, Reed got a pass. Tony was the only one that got the full brunt of the hate from the other characters and the readers. Now how some writers wrote Tony, he deserved the hate, but Reed was right there along with him.
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