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    Quote Originally Posted by Mantis Girl 94 View Post
    Would you include Conan on that list? (who happens to predate Superman by some 6 years)... In my mind he is a crime fighter as well
    I was never a huge fan of Conan -- I've read a few books here, and a few comic books there, without ever becoming a diehard collector of all his material -- but I sure don't remember thinking of a wandering barbarian swordsman as being "a crimefighter." Didn't he support himself for a while as a thief, and also as part of a pirate crew?

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    I like stories and the Batman mythos quite a bit more when he has no other allies or his allies are old enough and mature enough to make good or bad decisions for themselves. Condoning a teenage Robin or Batgirl is extremely irresponsible, and could be considered negligence if he knows that it is going on. Training his adopted children to be able to defend themselves on the other hand would be ok.

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