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    Default Warner Bros. Television Plans "iZombie," "The Flash" & "Gotham" Screenings at Comic-Con 2014

    Warner Bros. Television has released its full panel and screening schedule for Comic-Con International 2014, including "iZombie," "The Flash," "Gotham" & more.

    Full article here.

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    Why izombie? It doesn't air till next year right?

    I'm sorry I was expecting shadayim

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    Quote Originally Posted by saul_on_the_road_to_damascus View Post
    Why izombie? It doesn't air till next year right?
    Well, I just checked Wikipedia, and it says that it's to air for the 2014-2015 season, although that was from the 8th of May, checking it.

    So, could air at some point this year, after Summer and October, but before the New Year.

    Expected Arrow and Flash, whilst the rest, I s'pose, make sense. Promote what properties you have coming to the small screen, whatever about DVDs, or the big. Hopefully something silver screen related, DOJ news or not.

    Glad to hear about Gotham, though found that out yesterday. Hopefully will be somewhere or other soon after, see what to think. Am excting hard biting stuff, hoping for good, with drop of worry all the same.

    But, ah: Jim Gordon is the lead of a CURRENT TV show. Just lethal.

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    lol i already saw the Flash pilot episode (yeah, torrent)
    i wonder if Constantine will also be leaked before Comic Con
    Bring back Ultimate Dazzler!!

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    Saw flash and didn't care for it, bit like Smallville with elements of Sherlock randomly thrown in
    Books I'm reading: Batman Eternal, Red Hood, Black Widow, Elektra, Loki Agent of Asgard, Green Arrow, Wonder Woman, Action Comics, Catwoman.........

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