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    Default stories in which Lex Luthor is president

    Feels like Lex Luthor just won Presidency. So with that in mind are "President Lex" and "Superman/Batman Public Enemies" the only stories or are there more?

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    He doesn't necessarily play a big role, but the Hush story arc references Lex as President and he also appears in that arc. Superman: Ending Battle is another one and he plays a bigger role there.
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    It was the status quo for a while, meaning every comic featuring him, and most Superman comics. Most significant regular comics I remember are Joe Casey's early run, Action around 800 where they fought Eurozod, and Schultz on MoS before Our Worlds at War.

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    Yeah, after "President Lex" check out "Our Worlds At War". Lots of Lex as Prez in those.
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