Finished with Unreal 2: The Awakening. Lot of issues with this one, most boiling down to the fact it's a ported PC game. That results in occasional control issues (like having to scroll through your big collection of guns constantly instead of just tapping the right numeric key for the one you want) and a bunch of technical hiccups, most notably the way enemies and NPCs more than 20 paces away lose so many frames of animation they practically move like Mr. Game & Watch. Despite this, I enjoyed my time with the game. The story's not much to write home about - an undisguised MacGuffin quest with multiple enemy factions after the same thing - but the scope of the campaign shows how big and thought-out the Unreal universe is, with loads of wildly different planets and a real sense of history to inter-faction relations and the like. Every mission is practically its own self-contained story, be it a descent into a planet-size Sarlacc's mouth, a prison break, or escorting the most mouthy pain-in-the-ass scientist you'll ever hear of (who at least has the common sense to stay out of the way, so, there's that). For an Epic Games release the writing's actually pretty sharp - which in fact I would say about Bulletstorm, so, what's Gears' excuse? And it's just as well since you'll be putting up with a LOT of talk between levels. Another limitation of the port, probably: at some point I figure the game would allow you to wander around your ship freely between levels, chatting with your crewmates. For whatever reason this got scrapped for the Xbox, but they kept the conversations recorded and just play them all one after another like a chopped-up cutscene. It doesn't flow well and there's a lot of repeated information in there, annoyingly. But back to the good, you move with a pleasing degree of heft and almost all the guns have a good feeling of impact and are genuinely useful. It's difficult to really recommend Unreal 2 but I don't feel bad for having tried it.

Replaced with TRON 2.0 Killer App, another PC port. There's nothing about TRON I don't love and, old though it is, this absolutely captures the look and sound of TRON right from the get-go. Too bad you're playing as a guy seriously called 'Jet'.