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Johns has failed before when it comes to revitalizing Superman in the long run. His Action run, and his Superman run are examples of that.

Doomsday Clock will sell incredibly well, as Johns comics usually do, but once he's done, I see Superman spiraling down, like he did with New Krypton, and Truth. John's runs are like supernovas, for a while they shine brighter than the ever have before, then they explode.

On those lines, an unpopular opinion from me is that Doomsday Clock sounds like a vanity project.
I think part of the problem is that Johns' ideas for Superman don't really leave footholds for the people that come after him. The whole New Krypton bit went off the rails because wherever Johns was going once he left no one else had any directions to follow. The books just wandered in a dozen directions with no destination. And other than the SuperFlare that seemed more like set up for Truth what exactly came out of his run on Superman in the New 52. He put Clark and the Planet team together just in time for that whole part of Superman's life to vanish. There's no "Emotional Spectrum" or "Barry is the Speed Force" concept that Johns has for Superman to reinvigorate the character, so all we get is spitballed ideas that Johns tosses out with no real enthusiasm which then are quickly tossed to the side by the next guy on the book.