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    Default A question to all Static Fans (or anyone really)

    If DC/WB were to make a Static film, How would you want them to go about it? Based completely (Or mostly) on the show, Completely (or mostly) on the Comics (1991 comics, not new 52 comics), Or a nice mix of both? If so what would something you would like to see?

    I may be in the minority here but the Static Cartoon got me into superheros all together so i would want to see it more so based on the Show. I have since gone and read the older comics and while they are good (and darker then the show for obvious reasons) I still prefer the show but maybe it is because it was my first experience with the Virgil and heros in general.
    Milestone 2.0 is happening and i am so excited. Looks like i know where my money is going.

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    The cartoon reached the most people, so it could have the shows presentation but bring elements of the comic it spawned from.

    Static kinda reminds me of Meteor Man, a guy in the ghetto gets superpowers after some gang related event.

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    I think a cross between both the cartoon and the comics would work. I'd like to see Freida play a more important role than she did in the cartoon.

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    A static shock film would be good. I have never read a comic book from the series and had only seen episode of the series where John Stewart appeared. I was not aware that Static Shock was part of DC until Superman made an appearance on the series.

    A film for the character can boost the character's popularity and reach more people to appreciate the character. Just don't too much hype I guess so that the film would not get too much expectations. But it will be a good expansion of DC's cinematic universe.

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    given a choice, given a voice, I'd vote for a Static film based on the original Milestone Static. Later versions have always seemed less edgy, less engrossing, less entertaining to me.
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