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    Default PREVIEW: Archie, #657

    Veronica's falling in love - with windsurfing! Jealous Archie is determined to learn the sport as well, but given that he might possibly be the clumsiest person that ever walked the face of the planet, things don't go very well. Desperate to learn, he takes lessons from the only expert in town: Cheryl Blossom! With variant cover art by Art Baltazar & Franco of Tiny Titans fame, this book will fly off the shelves!

    Full article here.

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    Thanks to Afterlife with Archie, I've discovered these "regular universe" Archie comics as well (I knew they were always there, but I never considered reading them). They're such good, clean fun. I really enjoy them. I've said it before, but I'll say it again that there's a purity of heart and a cleanness not only of story, but also of the artwork, that frankly makes these comics a huge breath of fresh air in the grim, gritty, hyper-realistic and over-sexualized world of comics today. I'm a convert!

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