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    Default REVIEW: Batman Eternal, #13

    James Tynion IV, Mikel Janin, Guillermo Ortego, and company reveal Jason Bard's plan to take down the Falcone crime empire in "Batman Eternal" #13, and the end result is satisfying.

    Full review here.

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    As GREAT a surprise cliffhanger last issue was, having Jr. casually plan Gordon's escape with him was a letdown this issue. It's as if as they completely whitewashed any potentially explosive emotional scenes with the return of the presumed dead son. When Babs meets up with her brother -and it better be, like, next issue- it better not be as blasť!

    They are giving Bard as much props, lately, as the Superverse is giving Lana Lang. I'm not that crazy that him and Gordon Jr. look almost the same though.

    Love the logic that Lois Lane has her minor role in this arc. It also makes Vicki Vale's journalistic adventure she is embarking on seem more daring than ever.

    The included coverage of Steph Brown's storyline was satisfying and welcome. Poor Beth! That's gotta be a 'Birth of a Superhero' moment for sure!

    PLAN.jpg Holy In Total Agreement, Batman! Bard really sticks it to the Mayor and Falcone! He's going to have to start sleeping with one eye open for the rest of his Gotham Days!

    Heh, Harper pawns Red Robin with tech-know skills. Not sure what the Editors are heading with that one. Actually, I don't follow Titans but the RR designed hardware seems mighty impressive if not for Harper easily 'hiding behind the curtain'. Is this tech level like substitute for the Titans formidability (do they have formidability?) now that Cyborg is with the JLA?


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