View Poll Results: Poll: Who should be DC's premiere black superhero?

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  • Cyborg (I'm fine with the current setup)

    13 8.07%
  • Vixen (Coz Marvel hates Storm now and position for Black Superheroine #1 is up for grabs)

    30 18.63%
  • John Stewart (Should be the premiere GL)

    33 20.50%
  • Black Lightning

    23 14.29%
  • Mister Terrific

    11 6.83%
  • Make Hal Jordan African-American

    1 0.62%
  • Other (specify below)

    1 0.62%
  • There shouldn't be a premiere black superhero. There should be more than one black superhero in JL.

    49 30.43%
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    Power level wise, Vixen is completely perfect for the JL pantheon. I don't think there should be any doubt in that regard.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Danileriver23 View Post
    Lol. Sorry, I'm not super versed in Vixen lore. The idea that she could channel superman's powers is hilarious though. So she can basically mimic the powers of an creature, humanoid or otherwise? That's kind of ridiculous.
    Wait, so you claim Vixen's abilities basically doesn't make her worthy, but make up an excuse for why Batman non-ability butt is worthy using the reason that it's his popularity when in fact that only explains why he's on the team and not why it makes sense for a human with no physical ability to fight against characters with god like abilities.

    Then when explained what Vixen has been capable of and that she could potentially go toe to toe with Darkseid and others, it's too ridiculous but your excuse for Batman wasn't ridiculous enough to stop you from using it; all the while in the same breath you say you don't know much about her.

    Put some respect in her name, learn about her abilities and what she's capable of and then we can debate on whether she's worthy to be in the big leagues.

    Quote Originally Posted by Confuzzled View Post
    Power level wise, Vixen is completely perfect for the JL pantheon. I don't think there should be any doubt in that regard.
    It shouldn't be questioned tbh.
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    My priority is black female characters; everything else is secondary.


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    Vixen's powers can be pretty unstoppable. So there's no reason to act liek she's not powerful when done well or shown at her max potential.

    They're not all that different than Animal Man's and while it might go against her animal theme she CAN channel alien animals and the like as well, just like he can. Hell, in at least two cases she even channelled dragons since in the DCU they are animals that exist there (at least one of which was part of normal continuity back in a JLA 80 Page Giant or somesuch).

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