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    Default X-Men The Animated Series - Fan Q&A

    So we've build a good bond with two of the writers of the X-Men: Animated Series (1992) after our recent interview with them. In the thread, ChildOfTheAtom asked if they'd do a fan Q&A about the series - so I reached out to them - and they're open for it.

    So what I want to do is collect fan Q&A about the animated series. Once I get a good amount, I will reach out to them, and schedule another interview for our podcast.

    So I'd like to use this thread to collect any Q&A you have!

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    • You two are amazing! Your book is a first day buy for me!
    • On a previous podcast you expressed interest in doing DVD commentary for the Episodes. Any way you could do it anyways I really would love to hear your thoughts on individual episodes even in a unofficial capacity.
    • Have ever you heard of the X-Men character named Adam X? Would he have made a good cameo appearance in your opinion
    • If you could change one thing about TAS what would it be?
    • Why did Rogue have that Red Car when she could fly?
    • What do you think happened after Graduation Day? Did the X-MEN live happily ever after?
    • How frustrating was it when Season 3 & 4 got aired out of order?
    • Your X-MEN series was obviously the best but now that time has past have you guys ever got around to watching the three other series? (Evolution, Wolverine & The X-MEN, X-MEN Anime)
    • A Mall Babe eats chilli fries.... So why did Jubilee never go back and visit her Foster Parents
    • Why does Beast wear more clothes to bed then when he's actually awake?
    • Not a question but are you aware of the impact you have had on which character fans consider real X-MEN? The team you chose are viewed as more important (Gambit, Rogue, Jubilee) than characters who debuted decades prior like Colossus, Nightcrawler, Iceman etc
    • In-between seasons 1 & 2 you found out you were expecting a child and wanted to go with a story of Jean being pregnant during Season 2. If you went through with that plot would the baby have been Nathan or Rachel?
    • In a previous interview you stated, Thunderbird was the original character to die in episode #2 instead of Morph. Killing the minority first would've been slightly controversial understably, but can you elaborate on how you would've portrayed John? Morph received some memorable quotes in those two episodes and im interested on how Thunderbird would've been in your universe.
    • Did you know they casted an Actor to portray Thunderbird in the Live Action X-MEN show on FoX?
    • Your original script was too long for the first two episodes and you had to trim quite a bit from my understanding, any tidbits you'd wish could've kept in the pilot?
    • Because Jim Lee left for Image, Marvel wanted you to change the costumes. What did your temporary replacement costumes look like?
    • Any truth to the intro music being inspired from Whitney Houston's "I'm Your Baby Tonight"?
    • Season One featured 3D outro which was amazing. Why did that change?
    • On a scale of 1 to 10 how awesome was the Japanese intro to X-MEN in your opinion?
    • Wolverine was rumored to get his own TAS post X-Men. Would you two have been involved?
    • How did you get Apocalypse so right but the movie got it so wrong?
    • Did you see LOGAN? What were your thoughts?
    • What is the best piece of X-MEN: TAS memorabilia that you own?
    • X-Factor got a cameo episode did you not like EXCALIBUR?
    • Were you involved in any of the video games that featured TAS actor voices (X-MEN vs Street Fighter, X-MEN: Children of the Atom
    • How did you convince FoX & Marvel not to let Stan Lee monologue over the greatest comic book intro of all time?
    • Mister Sinister has multiple villian groups most famously The Marauders. Why did you decide to go with The Nasty Boys over them?
    • Was Pryde of the X-MEN the only reason Kitty Pryde was excluded?
    • What is your favorite episode of X-MEN: TAS?
    • Did you not like Magneto's Brotherhood? It's kinda odd to me your show is the only adaptation in TV/Movies that didn't have Magneto leading The Brotherhood in some fashion.
    • If you could have done any X-MEN related spin off animated series who would you have chosen?
    • Woukd you be interested in creating a X-MEN Straight to Blu Ray reunion Animated Movie?
    • Who's the one X-MAN or Villain you wish you could've covered but never got the chance?
    • The X-MEN have alot of Human Support Characters like Moira McTaggart, did none of the others interest you?
    • At the end of the Hellfire Club 4 Parter Sebastian Shaw mentioned The Inner Circle would return while he escaped. What ever happened with that?
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    Hey, Adam-X!

    I have a few questions.

    1). Early on, when the team was talking about who would be sent back in time to destroy them, Cyclops states it could not be Jean. Jean then states that she had he forgotten her own dark days? This was before The Phoenix Saga. So what was that in reference to?

    2) After the Dark Phoenix Saga, Jean was only in a handful of episodes. Why? She was given a new costume, voice and power display, but very little on-screen time. Were Jean's powers any stronger than previously at this point?

    3) Any chance of more/new/continuing the series?!?

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    Ok, I have a few questions now:
    -In the episode Weapon X, Lies and Videotape (GENIUS title, by the way), the Shiva robot was used but was renamed "Tallos." Was that due to concerns about referencing a Hindu deity in an American kid's show, or was there another reason behind it?
    -There were a number of classic X-Men storylines adapted for use on the show: were there any you really wanted to use but couldn't? If so, why couldn't you use them?
    -The episode Cold Comfort featured a guest appearance by X-Factor: considering several of its characters made cameo appearances in other episodes, was the idea of having X-Force on the show ever thrown around?

    I'll likely come back with more as I think of them. Thanks!
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    Here's a few
    What were their favorite cast dynamics to play with in the show?
    Favorite romance?
    Favorite villain (besides Magneto ) to write?
    Favorite story arc or stand alone episode?
    Did either eventually start reading or are still reading any X-Men books?

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    Why did you decided to portray Jean Grey as so weak? Did you thought you needed a damsel in disastress and saw her as the best pick? Even when she wasn't Phoenix, she wasn't THAT weak in the comics. I could understand just nerfing her power, or having her be powerful but it being too much causing her to faint and stuff, but why both?

    I know this may come as a bit aggressive or crytical, but as someone who liked the rest of the show except for it's favorite character, I really would like to know your views about that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChildOfTheAtom View Post
    • Have ever you heard of the X-Men character named Adam X? Would he have made a good cameo appearance in your opinion
    Now you're just pandering to me... LOL
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    bump to first page

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    Some great questions so far - they did say, "We're worried that the fans may know more than us!" So some questions, while I will ask, may get trimmed, if they don't remember or recall, etc.

    Some of the questions here though - were answered in our interview with them.
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    --Were there any characters you wish had been part of the regular cast? If so, which characters, and why were they left off the team? (I don't mean guest stars, I mean the main X-Men team featured every episode.)

    --Shooting off that, how did you all determine which characters would make the team, and which ones wouldn't?

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