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    I was going to mention Marvel Fanfare too. I wasn't able to find many of those and I hope Marvel will collect it or add it to their Marvel Unlimited .

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    I really got into comics and Marvel in 1980
    I started in 1972, but never really got many because of money limits.
    I remember walking into a book store that had a wooden rack dedicated to Marvel Comics.
    I had not purchased a comic in years, but the sight just brought back memories of the days
    I could only buy one or two books and how much I loved reading them.
    I purchased more than two and for the next few decades would buy a handful of
    New Marvel Comics each week.
    For purpose of this thread, I will say the 1980's was my favorite Marvel reading experience.
    Everything was really good or great......... heck even Rom: Space Knight and Micronaughts was
    fun to read for me.

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