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    Quote Originally Posted by shadow panther View Post
    As always I am making 2 lists, what I am getting and what I would have gotten if Marvel kept the Digital Code Program

    Captain America Steve Rogers #14
    Invincible Iron Man #5
    Ultimates2 #5
    Why is not having a digital copy stopping you from purchasing these?

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    Quote Originally Posted by cc008 View Post
    Extraordinary X-Men #20

    Andddd yet again, that's it lol. ResurrXion needs to get here.
    amen to that! i want to read extraordinary x-men 20 because what will happen to jean ??? !!!??
    we can be heroes, just for one day

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    Unworthy Thor #5
    Uncanny Inhumans #20
    Iron Fist #1

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skute View Post
    Why is not having a digital copy stopping you from purchasing these?
    Not shadow panther but similarly skipping some titles due to lack of digital copies.

    For me, they're less value for money and I have limited time for reading floppies so might as well wait for these to show up in Marvel Unlimited. For titles that are NOT absolute-favorites-will-purchase-at-any-cost, the higher price tag coupled with lack of digital copies tilts the balance in favor of not buying.
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    Black Panther #12 (Coates' first BP story is over. Now is the time for all good men (and women) to (and kids, too, I guess) to gather the parts of this and read from start to finish. Is T'Challa's weakness his inability to have a done-in-one story? I remember the McGregor days.)
    Hulk #4 (Jenn's been a bit slow lately. detail and focus on characterization goes a long way, but I do wanna see her Hulk out. I hulk out more than Jen walters nowadays and i don't even have gamma powers.)

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    Doctor Strange/Punisher: Magic Bullets #4
    Foolkiller #5
    Invincible Iron Man #5
    Iron Fist #1
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    Amazing Spider-Man Renew Your Vows #5
    Extrordinary X-Men #20
    Spider-Gwen #18

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