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    Random thoughts:

    I love this variant theme Though if Zendaya isn't playing MJ, the timing's weird (unless MJ has some anniversary or something).

    I am so glad I can just avoid Secret Empire.

    Emma's new costume doesn't look like complete ass on that Secret Empire United cover!

    Oh jeez... Carol still has the mohawk helmet thing?

    Omg... "Edge of Venomverse"? At least Spider-verse flowed of the tongue!

    Reading that Mighty Thor solicitation... lemme guess: Ultimate Thor is some character who's appeared for like 3 issues of his run and will be a complete shock and won't make sense for an arc? And he'll have barely any character because Aaron doesn't wanna give too much away? With Make Mine Marvel coming, I'm legit surprised Thor didn't just pick the fucking hammer up. I guess he somehow gets it by the end of this arc? Or maybe Jane stops being Lady Thor?

    For Ultimates 2 #8, I'm guessing Ego somehow becomes a man?

    Wait, why doesn't Norman Osborn look... y'know, different? Didn't he have a moustache, brown hair and just look like some 40 year old dad last time he appeared?

    I wanna SAY I recognise the chick on the Spider-Man #17 cover from something? Idno, is she from the Power Pack? Also, lol Goldballs is still around

    Huh... thought Matt went back to the red suit. Also, yay, Echo's back. *sees Daredevil #22 cover* Oh... so... huh.

    Wait... EZRA MILLER?! Um... Coates, maybe think up another name? I did a quadruple take on that.

    Man, that All-New GOTG cover threw me off. I thought it was Spider-Woman; those don't look like Gamora's eye yellow things, they look like goggles or glasses

    I wonder who the person on the X-Men: Blue #5 cover is. Daken? Did Wolverine have a proper clone previously? The #6 cover has a slimmer figure, so maybe it's just Laura? Oh, and the twee solicitation hurt me.

    I need to start picking up the Star Wars trades, because I need to know why Hans eyes are creepily red

    Muppet Babies Omnibus... and it's not in April's solicitations as a joke...

    I love when a quote on a trade talks about the art. It has such an opposite effect for selling the trade, at least to me xD
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    The chick on the Spider-Man cover is Bombshell. She's been a member of the Ultimate Spider-Man supporting cast since before Miles debuted and they served on the Young Ultimates together (in a comic called All-New Ultimates) just before Secret Wars.

    X-Men Blue, popular consensus is that it's another Ultimate refugee, Jimmy Hudson, aka Ultimate Wolverine II.

    Osborn, explained in Amazing Spider-Man #25, on sale now.
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    And as for the MJ variant covers in June, it's either to promote her return as a Spider-Man supporting cast member in Chip Zdarsky's Peter Parker, the Spectacular Spider-Man, or to commemorate 20 years since her wedding to Peter.
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