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    I'm actually looking forward to the Defenders... err... I mean the Unexpected.

    I know the Terrifics has members from the established DC Universe, so I'm hoping we'll see a few established heroes join Unexpected as time goes on.
    Like maybe Madame Xanadu, Etrigan, Mera, Vixen, Shining Knight, Power Girl, Mister Miracle, Bronze Tiger, Hawk & Dove, Maxima...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Korath View Post
    Finally some information on the Unexpected :
    Missed this the other day. Firebrand really interests me. The whole set up about her dedicating her life to peace but having to fight every 24 hours is fascinating.
    Unfortunately not that interested in the other 3 yet, but Firebrand has me interested enough to try the first issue and go from.
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