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    Quote Originally Posted by Red obin View Post
    In my eyes
    'Some are born great (Meta), some achieve greatness (not meta), and some have greatness thrust upon them(meta, as they have a form of metagene).'
    EG. Martian Manhunter, Stephanie Brown (face it, you all thought I was gonna say Batman) and Flash
    You know in the DC universe, apparently 12% of people have a form of metagene.
    Hahahaha. That's the best ever.

    I would never expect Batman.

    12% seems ridiculously high.
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    Quote Originally Posted by unclepulky View Post
    Jean-Paul did die in 2003, and stayed that way until BR:E (Shocker, DiDio had admitted to not liking him). But in Battle for the Cowl, we met Michael Lane, BY FAR the most powerful character to be directly associated with the BatFam, Lane was also boring as Hell, and he dressed like an Assassin's Creed reject.
    Thanks for the information.

    Jean is better than this Michael, PERFECT... I only want THE BEST.. characters/relationship(Important things).. for the Batworld..
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    Quote Originally Posted by millernumber1 View Post

    12% seems ridiculously high.
    You'd think so, but with the amount of people in the DCU who are just "really strong", it's not that shocking.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Carabas View Post
    Wonder Woman isn't a meta. I have no idea what Aquaman is or isn't.
    That page also list Superman, who isn't any kind of human, and several people with purely technical improvements like Vera Black and Cyborg.

    Jean-Paul has actual powers, but that doesn't make him a meta.
    Both Wikipedia and the DC Wiki list "metahuman" as literally any character who has some kind of power. Comicvine is a bit more specific, saying any "human" character with some sort of power. Either way Azrael is definitely a metahuman.

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    Quote Originally Posted by millernumber1 View Post
    12% seems ridiculously high.
    That is what I thought and why I included it, as I read it on the DC wiki on metagenes. Don't trust it completely though as I have no reliable source to back it up, although it is weirdly specific if it is made up. Remember though that metagene does not equal superpowers, just genetic potential for powers.
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