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    Obsidian for sure.
    "It's too bad she won't live! But then again, who does? - Gaff

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    Lady Blackhawk

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    Like Savoir-Faire...Everywhere!


    Lady Blackhawk
    "Yes, I can do that!" - Ivan Lawrence Blieden

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    "The boundaries which divide life from death are at best shadowy and vague. Who shall say where the one ends, and where the other begins?" - Edgar Allan Poe

    "Not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit." - Zechariah 4:6

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    Lady Blackhawk

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    Obsidian is the winner!

    Obsidian vs. Lady Blackhawk 10-9

    Here are the previous winners:

    95th Mr. Freeze
    94th Sandman (Morpheus)
    93rd Cosmic Boy
    92nd Black Adam
    91st Green Lantern (Guy Gardner)
    90th Black Manta
    89th Jonah Hex
    88th Negative Man
    87th Saturn Girl
    86th Brainiac 5
    85th Katana
    84th Sandman (Wesley Dodds)
    83rd Fire
    82nd Starman (Ted Knight)
    81st Jade (Jennie-Lynn Hayden)
    80th Etrigan the Demon
    79th The Scarecrow
    78th Midnighter
    77th Jesse Quick
    76th Ra's al Ghul
    75th Elasti-Girl
    74th White Lantern (Kyle Rayner)
    73rd Robotman (Cliff Steele)
    72nd Plastic Man
    71st Solomon Grundy
    70th Poison Ivy
    69th Batwoman (Kate Kane)
    68th Tempest (Garth)
    67th Mary Marvel
    66th Elongated Man
    65th Cyborg (Victor Stone)
    64th Black Lightning
    63rd Captain Atom
    62nd Arsenal (Roy Harper)
    61st Metamorpho (Rex Mason)
    60th Star Sapphire (Carol Ferris)
    59th Two-Face (Harvey Dent)
    58th The Huntress (Helena Wayne)
    57th Big Barda
    56th The Spectre (Jim Corrigan)
    55th Beast Boy
    54th Swamp Thing (Alec Holland)
    53rd Vixen
    52nd Lex Luthor
    51st Red Tornado (John Smith)
    50th Supergirl (Kara Zor-El)
    49th Green Lantern (John Stewart)
    48th Raven
    47th The Question (Vic Sage)
    46th John Constantine
    45th Sinestro
    44th Catman
    43rd Hawkwoman (Shayera Hol)
    42nd Starfire (Koriand'r)
    41st Donna Troy
    40th Dr. Fate (Kent Nelson)
    39th Mera
    38th Starman (Jack Knight)
    37th The Flash (Barry Allen)
    36th Catwoman
    35th Green Lantern (Kilowog)
    34th Deadman
    33th Power Girl (Karen Starr)
    32nd Hawkman (Carter Hall)
    31st Robin (Tim Drake)
    30th Atom (Ray Palmer)
    29th Deadshot
    28th Wildcat (Ted Grant)
    27th The Riddler
    26th Booster Gold
    25th Stargirl
    24th Mr. Miracle (Scott Free)
    23rd Animal Man
    22nd The Huntress (Helena Bertinelli)
    21st Aquaman (Arthur Curry)
    20th Black Canary II
    19th Adam Strange
    18th Captain Cold
    17th Green Lantern (Hal Jordan)
    16th Martian Manhunter
    15th Captain Marvel (Billy Batson)
    14th Green Lantern (Alan Scott)
    13th Wonder Woman
    12th Blue Beetle (Ted Kord)
    11th Oracle
    10th The Flash (Jay Garrick)
    9th The Flash (Wally West)
    8th Nightwing (Dick Grayson)
    7th Joker
    6th Batman (Bruce Wayne)
    5th Darkseid
    4th Green Arrow (Oliver Queen)
    3th Phantom Stranger
    2nd Zatanna
    1st Superman (Kal-El)
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