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    Default Mark Gibbon Cast As Iconic Villain In CW's Supergirl?

    According to Spoiler TV and Bleeding Cool, Canadian Mark Gibbon (Smallville, Stargate), has been cast as General Zod

    So the Action Comics arc this summer along with Supergirl's Phantom Zone journey in her own comic has all to do more with synergy?
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    Seems confirmed by the CBR front page. I assume this is a version Superman's fought before, since the idea of "there are other Kryptonian survivors, but they're criminals from the Phantom Zone!" didn't strike anyone as a huge, shocking development in the premiere.
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    Huh. I wonder if they'll connect him back to Astra and Non somehow, and if he'll bring the now-lobotomized Non with him?

    I'm also curious if this will tie-in to why Superman comes back for the finale?

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    I'll watch this if Superman shows up.

    I am not even remotely impressed by any of the CW shows, or this version of Superman- but I'd watch any Superman vs Zod smack down.

    I loved Terrance Stamp as Zod, I loved Callum Blue as Zod. I think Michael Shannon was an inspired casting call and one of the best superhero villians in live action (he's gotta be one of the best actors working in Hollywood, ammirite?) I'm a fan of General Zod, yo. Release that World Engine!
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