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    Quote Originally Posted by Carabas View Post
    Well, have her be a martial arts badass is something that seems not unreasonable.
    Maybe now that she is with the Guardians Gammora can give her some training in how to fight.

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    Was not as good as the first. Lots of slow parts with character development that probably should have been meshed in the first movie a little more. The Pacman and general 80s references became stale very quickly.

    Edit: forgot to add that Drax wasn't as funny as the first, and I'm still unsure what greater part Mantis played other than putting Ego to sleep for five minutes at the end.

    Overall I enjoyed it though. It was a solid enough movie and was still lots of fun in many scenes.
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    There wasn't as much action in this than the first, and since it didn't move along at that pace, the jokes weren't as funny and rapid fire. But I think that's why it works. It could've been a lot more of the same, but they chose to go for more character development, and I think it worked quite well. I was pleasantly surprised they went with delving into Gamora's sisterly relationship with Nebula rather than the romantic one with Quill.

    It was still a lot of fun, though, and I laughed a bunch of times. Loved the use of "Brandy" as well.

    There were a few things I would've liked to see. If this was Yondu's final outting, he should've had more scenes with Quill. I get his parallels with Rocket, and the very end was touching, but it would've been nice to see a proper team-up between the two. I felt Mantis could've been any other character in the MU and it wouldn't have made much difference. Also, still no element gun.

    I'm still really digging the cosmic corner of the MCU and am looking forward to seeing it expand even more, not just in the next GotG movie, but the likes of Thor and Captain Marvel as well.

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