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    Quote Originally Posted by Jody Garland View Post
    Simsonson's Orion had Scott using the ALE, and I'd be very surprised if King hadn't read that.

    On the subject of King's writing being depresing, I've talked to friends who have read his work to and commented that a lot of it has this distinct feeling of, "You feeling ok?" to it. Given his background in intelligence, I'm not surprised his work tends towards the depressing.
    A work of art about depression isn't necessarily a depressing work of art.

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    So good...

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    For starters, the latest issue was brilliant overall. In addition, the way it chose to emphasize that Scott and Barda are truly the children of Granny Goodness?

    One step beyond. Easily one of the best things I have read in a comic this year(and it's been a pretty solid year).

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