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    Can't say enough about how much I like the Catalyst Prime Universe. Noble's my favorite with Superb a close second, but they're all good books I'd recommend to anyone. Really looking forward to Summit next.
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    Just got around to reading Astonisher #1. It was just okay. Not really feeling the art, but the main character's powers are a cool concept. I'll give it another issue or two at least to grab me.

    A review:[/QUOTE]
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    I think the intrigue with Astonisher is the powers and the messed up family dynamic he's got. It's just different to me for a character of that ilk.
    Catalyst Prime: NOBLE

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    After reading Superb today I have to adjust my ranking.
    Noble remains top dog followed by the superb, Superb. Those two books just hit the spot for me.

    Catalyst Prime as a whole is just an amazing universe.
    Catalyst Prime: NOBLE

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