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    I'm a fan of Noble. I liked Jazz Maynard and Claudia and Rex but I fell behind due to finances, but I plan to catch up next month.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Black Lightning View Post
    It's crazy how excited I get when the new solicits drop from Lion Forge. I have no idea what direction Noble goes from here but can't wait to find out.
    I've no idea what direction Noble goes from here either but I'm looking forward to it and I get crazy excited when Lion Forge's solicits drop as well.

    @ed2962- Jazz Maynard is another one of my favorites too.

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    Oh my goodness gracious! I've been bamboozled!

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    Looks like I need to start picking up Jazz.
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    I fell way behind in all the series im following, I need to catch up soon.
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    Nice YouTube video of the Catalyst Prime Gang! I eventually picked up everything, with the exception of ACCEL. Not a fan of the art, at all. But I do have 4 #1ís (collecting all variants) on the way, so Iíll read the first issue soon to see if the writing can change my mind about picking up the book. My favorite thing about this Catalyst Prime Universe is the interconnection between titles by way of the plot line started way back in the FCBD issue....

    SUPERB... Love Jonah & Kayla, hands down my favorite title across the line...

    SUMMIT... The Last shall be First. I was really looking forward to this one, was kind of bummed that it was the last to be released, Val stood out the most to me in the FCBD issue. Two issues in, and Iím loving what Amy Chu is doing with Val, the whole team (art, colors, letters) on this book is killing it...

    INCIDENTALS... I wasnít fond of the art in the first arc, (which has since changed) but needless to say, this book is written really well...

    ATONISHER... I wasnít really feeling the first issue, but man, by issue four I was sold. Crazy concept, family turmoil, and great art...

    NOBLE... Flagship title, overall, itís good, but I feel like it should be better. Just not sure why, maybe because itís more connected to the overall plot thread than any other book, IDK...

    KINO... I wasnít planning on picking this up either because I donít like the artist on the first arc, which is also about to change for the second arc. A lot of crazy meta ideas going on in this one, stories within the story. Iím looking forward to seeing how things play out in this one...
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