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    Default Welcome to the Star Wars forum!

    Over the years, a Star Wars forum by far has been the most user-requested forum we've ever gotten (even before the 2014 site reboot). We never felt it was the right time...but with all the great Star Wars comics Marvel's putting out, another season of Star Wars: Rebels to look forward to, an increased output of Star Wars films, and a general renewed excitement for the franchise as a whole, if there was ever a time for a Star Wars forum at CBR to get a shot, it is now.

    But that's what it is; a shot. All you people that have been clamoring for us to do this over the years, it's now up to you to prove that a Star Wars forum has the activity to merit its existence. You wanted this forum, so let's see what you can do with it!

    May the Force be with you!

    Conn Seanery
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    Thanks for doing this Conn!
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    Holy Moley! Neato!

    I'll have to be sure to make this a regular stop
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    I saw this forum while clicking around here and wondered how I could be a member here for almost a year and never have seen it!
    I didn't realize it was a new board! I feel like such a Jar Jar!
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    I believe I was one of those who requested.
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