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Thread: Trinity #9

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    Default Trinity #9

    So... that break apparently worked just fine for Manapul. I remember years ago thinking how extraordinary Booch was as his collaborator, and it turns out the guy himself is utterly brilliant with coloring his own work. His drawing looks polished, and the writing and plotting are still solid. I was apprehensive about having the whole JL present, but this is good stuff.

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    I can't imagine there was any favoritism on Manapul's part that left Flash the only other Leaguer intact for this story outside the Trinity .

    Not that I mind. It's great to see Manapul drawing Barry again .

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    The art was absolutely amazing, I'm in wait-and-see mode with the story though. Invading aliens has kinda been done to death recently. We'll see how it plays out. I'm way more interested in White Mercy, though.
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