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    Quote Originally Posted by leo619 View Post
    Cho? Hahaha Cho's never a douche. He can be reckless and arrogant sometimes. I rather take someone who's over confident (which is Cho's biggest weakness) over Maddy being a full on douche any day. Even with the worst of times, she's almost never been shown as considerate or caring, just constantly berating, nagging and attacking him. Her one shining moment in my eyes was when she tried to protect Cho with that super size gun, and that was it for me.
    I think I've read enough of Cho to know that he can be at times, on-top of also being reckless and arrogant. He's a good kid, but yeah .

    I think they had a lot of good, family-bonding, moments in the initial arcs. Especially in that one issue dealing with what happened to their parents.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moriarty View Post
    i really liked the team up with Silk, Ms Marvel, Jimmy Woo and Shang Chi.
    Oh yeah, must definitely. I'm sorry to say that I was pretty busy with other things and thus couldn't devote the time to write up reviews on The Protectors arc. Overall, though, I enjoyed it. There were some awkward moments here and there and I wish Shang got to more screen time, but it felt good to see Asians and Asian-American heroes being front and center and taking commanding positions. The dynamic between Jimmy and Amadeus was great. I'll be honest though, there probably won't be another Protectors anything coming out soon. BUT we all can dream right ?

    As for the upcoming arc, maybe I'll look into it. I've supported TAH ever since the beginning, but I'm not too interested in a Weapon X crossover. We'll see what happens Wednesday.

    As for the Amadeus and Maddy relationship, hey, I liked Maddy. Having her in the title meant that I was getting 2 Asian-American characters for the price of 1! Was she annoying? I'll have to reread the issues again, but from what I could remember, she helped to reign in the impulsive nature of Amadeus. There was a great dynamic between the two there. So I hope to see more of her.
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    This crossover issue has made the whole adamantium cloning storyline more interesting than the first 3 issues premiering the Weapon X series, but having said that, the whole adamantium cloning storyline is not that interesting (at least as of yet). Those 2 monitor techs have been the most underwhelming force for supervillainy and banter. The art is nice and inviting, too.

    1. Did Chulk throw his blood drops at the one attacking adamantium clone, while in no-grav outer orbit, to slow it down by clogging it's circuits? Wouldn't he need to brace himself to throw anything with notable force in the opposite direction?
    2. Has any Marvel back issue predate a story where some person or agency had Bruce's gamma blood samples? It must revert or go inert after some point shouldn't it?
    3. WHYWHYWHY is this genius billionaire not using his supership here as the mobile HQ of The Champions already??!! Presumably he used sensors to locate these 3 Wolverineys, eh?


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    A good point there, I thought he only had that flying van. He originally retrofitted a ship for the Champions - but the Atlanteans shot it down.

    Maybe he's keeping that ship a secret from the Champions, because they didn't elect him leader (they actually voted never to make him leader after he got the team captured).

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